What I Can Do

Sound Branding:

Create a sonic signature for the brand with a custom sound trademark and brand music for commercials. Also, make on-hold music for voice marketing.

Experience Design:

Make an exclusive and distinctive experience by choosing the right sound to ensure that every touch point communicates the brand’s values. I tried to choose different genres but in the same style so that guests remember the experience more keenly.

Sonic BrandingSound trademark

Sonic branding refers to the sound of a brand. Popular examples of sonic branding include McDonald’s, Nokia and Windows. Although these sounds are simple mnemonics, sound effects or jingles, they carry extensive emotional and exclusive value which connects them with the brand as much as visual elements.

Recommended Songs For


Impression of location: A worthwhile experience! The true meaning of special and luxury experience. Therefore, instead of only using jazz instrumentals or iconic tunes that different bands or performers have covered, I chose tracks that have artistic value, such as excellent modern jazz.

Recommended Songs For

Azure Japon

An electronic ambiance using synthesizers on a down-tempo beat. because synthesizers sound reminds me of Japanese anime.

Recommended Songs For

Emerald & Gastro

Genre: Indie-pop Music
I believe that guests may enjoy amazing food and great easily comprehensible music together while this type of music is playing.

Recommended Songs For

Azure Beach

Genre: Down-tempo Electronic
This style of electronic music, in my opinion, is superior to others like deep house.